Session: Wider Primary Care Team: Lecture
By Ana Cebrian (WWPQS).

Session: Quality Improvement: 1 Slide 5 Mins
Fundamentals of Quality Improvement and Enhancing Professional Satisfaction: Significant Event Identification/Analysis and Quality Improvement
By David Moores (WWPQS).

Session: 1 Slide 5 Mins
The role of Family Doctors in the care of retired sick doctors
By María-Pilar Astier-Peña from (EQuiP).

Session: Quality Improvement: WONCA Network (SIG Non-Communicable Diseases)
Deprescribing In Diabetes: When, What And To Whom To Deprescribe?
By Ana Cebrian (WWPQS).

Session: Health Inequalities: WONCA Network: EQuiP
Family medicine – jewel in the crown of equitable covid-19 care  
By Sara Willems, Pierre Vanden Bussche, Esther Van Poel, Claire Collins, Zalika Klemenc-Ketis from (EQuiP).


Session: Quality Improvement: 1 Slide 5 Mins 
Can we improve appropriate antibiotic use in Early Childhood?
By Jose-Miguel Bueno-Ortiz (EQuiP).

Session: Quality Improvement: 1 Slide 5 Mins 
The International Survey Of People Living With Chronic Conditions (Paris Survey): Development Of The Patient Questionnaire.
By Jose M Valderas (WWPQS).

Session: Service Development: 1 Slide 5 Mins 
Eurodata: Acute Clinical Pathway For Vaccinated Patients With COVID-19 In Europe.
By Sara Ares Blanco (WWPQS).

Session: Professional Development: 1 Slide 5 Mins
The Primary Care Renaissance: renewing values in troubled times.
By Alexandre Gouveia (EQuiP).

Session: Quality Improvement: WONCA Network: WP on Quality & Safety
#Deprescription in #FamilyMedicine: barriers and facilitators
By Jose-Miguel Bueno-Ortiz, Maria-Pilar Astier-Peña, Andree Rochfort (EQuiP) & Sara Ares-Blanco, Jose-Maria Valderas-Martinez, Josep-Maria Vilaseca.

Session: Plenary: Family Medicine/General Practice and a Sustainable Future
Session chair: Dr Gary Howsam (UK).
Speakers: Dr Matt Sawyer (UK) & Dr Andrée Rochfort (EQuiP).

Session: Planetary Health: WONCA Network: EQuiP
A Toolkit to Enable General Practice to Act and Lead in Planetary Health.
By Andree Rochfort (EQuiP) & John Cox.  

Session: Academic General Practice
Glycaemic Control As A Predictor Of The Risk Of Hospitalisation For COVID19 In Diabetic Patients Over 50 Years Of Age In Spain. APHOSDIAB-COVID Study.
By Ana Cebrian and Domingo Orozco-Beltrán (WWPQS).

Session: Health Inequalities: 1 Slide 5 Mins.
The effects of an educational intervention on COVID-19 knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in people with migratory background: A Before-after Study. 
By Zekeriya Aktürk (EQuiP).

Session: Health Inequalities: 1 Slide 5 Mins.
Opinions of Turkish-speaking people in Munich about vaccination: Preliminary results of a qualitative study  
By Zekeriya Aktürk (EQuiP).

Session: Telemedicine/IT: WONCA Network: WP on eHealth
Digital health innovations – the new landscape of care delivery.
By Pramendra Prasad Gupta.

Session: Innovation: Workshop 
Bereavement care - equipping primary care clinicians with tools to improve quality.
By Daniel Knights.

Session: Telemedicine/IT: 1 Slide 5 Mins.
Vaccination against the human papilloma virus: development of a digital shared-decision aid for GPs.
By Dragos-Paul Hagiu (EQuiP).


FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022
Session: Quality Improvement: Lecture
The International Survey Of People Living With Chronic Conditions (Paris Survey): Development Of The Conceptual Framework.
By Jose M Valderas (WWPQS).

Session: Telemedicine/IT: 1 Slide 5 Mins.
RECAP: a remote risk prediction tool to assess patients with COVID-19 in the community.
By Ana Espinosa-Gonzalez (EQuiP).

Session: Wider Primary Care Team: 1 Slide 5 Mins.
Co-creation of a research agenda around doctor’s wellbeing.
By Claire Collins, Andree Rochfort & Sara Willems (EQuiP), Esther Van Poel, Milena Šantrić Milićević, Cécile Ponsar, Joanna Cholewa.

Published on 23 June 2022.