Newsletters (2013-2022)

EQuiP Newsletters 2022

Read the 35th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2022). Keywords: Simulation in Primary Care, Introduction of Peer Support as part of Scaling-up Integrated Care in Slovenia, Implementation Manual of Quality Guideline in Estonia, Co-produced Approach to Reducing Sedative Medication Prescribing in Ballyhale Health Centre, Understanding How and Why Quality Circles Improve Standards of Practice, Enhance Professional Development and Increase Psychological Well-being of General Practitioners, and Follow EQuiP on Social Media.

EQuiP Newsletters 2021


EQuiP Newsletters 2020

Read the 34th EQuiP newsletter here (November 2020). Keywords: "EQuiP Working Groups" (output), "Working Group Activities" (output), "Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety" (education), "EQuiP Events 2011-2019" (output), "How Coronavirus will Change the Face of General Practice Forever" (opinion), "PubMed Indexed Articles" (output).
Read the 33rd EQuiP newsletter here (August 2020). Keywords: "Country Case Report: Turkey" (output), "Core Values and Principles of Nordic General Practice/Family Medicine" (COVID-19),  "International PHC and COVID-19 Study" (WONCA), "WONCA Europe 5 Star Doctor 2020 "(WONCA) and "General Practice after COVID-19" (policy).
Read the 32nd EQuiP newsletter here (April 2020). Keywords: "EQuiP Conference in Utrecht postponed to 26-27 January 2021" (event), "WONCA COVID-19 resources" (WONCA), "World Family Doctor Day 2020: Family Doctors on the front line" (policy), "Technological Legacy of COVID-19 in Primary Care" (article).
Read the 31st EQuiP newsletter here (March 2020). Keywords: "EQuiP Statement for Family Doctors/General Practitioners during the COVID-19 Pandemic" (statement), "Sympathy and solidarity with our dear Croatian colleagues" (support), "WHO resources on COVID-19" (tools), "Postponement of 25th WONCA Europe Conference in Berlin" (events), "Sharing healthcare data for better and safer care" (policy, "Using Communications Strategies to Accelerate Quality Improvement" (opinion).
Read the 30th EQuiP newsletter here (January 2020). Keywords: "EQuiP 2019 Revisited" (report), "The European Teaching Agenda" (policy), "EQuiP Meeting 14-16 November in Zagreb" (minutes), "EQuiP Working Groups Revisited" (reports), "KiAP: The National Quality Development Programme in General Practice in Denmark" (new member), "Quality Indicators of Family Doctors Practice: Developing the Ukrainian Model" (country report).

EQuiP Newsletters 2019

Read the 29th EQuiP newsletter here (December 2019). Keywords: "Quality circles as a support tool in the taking over of practices by young GPs" (article), #1 EQuiP-VdGM Summer School (report), "Use of quality circles for primary care providers in 24 European countries" (article), "Social Media in General Practice: Possibilities & Pitfalls" (keynote in Zlatibor, Serbia), "How is defensive medicine understood and experienced in a primary care setting?" (article), 25th WONCA Europe Conference in Berlin & EQuiP 2020 Conference in Utrecht on Quality & Safety of Urgent Primary Care in Europe.
Read the 28th EQuiP newsletter here (November 2019). Keywords: WONCA 24th Europe Conference: 2x EQuiP Intellectual Outputs, 7th French EQuiP Summer School, Diagnostic errors reported in primary healthcare and emergency departments, New Approach to Healthcare in Scotland: Realising Realistic Medicine by 2025, New Austrian Delegate to EQuiP (Andrea Bitschnau-Friedl), and joint EUROPREV-EQuiP Webinar: "Setting up a quality project in your practice".
Read the 27th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2019). Keywords: WONCA 24th Europe Conference 26-29 June in Bratislava, and the EQuiP Safe Track of Quality (10x Oral Presentations & 10x Workshops).
Read the 26th EQuiP newsletter here (May 2019). Keywords: Primary Care Summer School 24-28 June 2019, Adverse Events in People Taking Macrolide Antibiotics, 5-Day GP Global Programme 17-21 June 2019, Report on WHO Consultative Meeting: Medication Without Harm, 6 EUROPREV-EQuiP eLearning Webinars, New Generation of Quality Game-Changers, and Innovative Quality Lounge Makes Room for Grass Roots Projects.
Read the 25th EQuiP newsletter here (March 2019). Keywords: 55th EQuiP Assembly Meeting and European Conference, EJGP Job Opening, Evidence-based indicators for the measurement of quality of primary care in Switzerland, New Estonian delegate to EQuiP (Elle-Mall Keevallik), Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions, EQuiP and VdGM Summer School 2019 (Interview with Marta Velgan, Estonia).
Read the 24th EQuiP newsletter here (February 2019). Keywords: 55th EQuiP Assembly Meeting and European Conference, New Member: The Serbian Medical Society, Report from EQuiP's 54th Assembly Meeting in 2018, EQuiP Training for Young Family Medics, Abstract: "Time for a Change? Tailoring EQuiP Summer School for Young Family Doctors", and EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article - "Safety Culture in Primary Care in Slovenia: Results of a safety attitudes questionnaire".

EQuiP Newsletters 2018

Read the 23rd EQuiP newsletter here (December 2018). Keywords: Holiday Greetings, Michael Balint 2.0, EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article "Offering patients a choice for colorectal cancer screening: A quality improvement pilot study in a quality circle of primary care physicians", WONCA’s Five Star Doctor Award: Dr Verónica Casado (Spain), New member: Ana Belen Espinosa, The New Quality Thinking in the Netherlands & New 2-day Course on Quality Improvement (Portugal).
Read the 22nd EQuiP newsletter here (October 2018). Keywords: Interview with EQuiP President (2015-2018), EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Articles - "Social disparities in patient safety in primary care: a systematic review" & "Transition from a traditional to a comprehensive quality assurance system in Slovenian family medicine practices", New member: Ivan Stanoev (Bulgaria), XI SPANISH CONFERENCE ON PATIENT SAFETY IN PRIMARY CARE & WONCA Working Party on Quality and Safety Annual Report (2017-2018).
Read the 21th EQuiP newsletter here (August 2018). Keywords: New VdGM Liaison to EQuiP, Reflections on the 6th French EQuiP Summer School 2018, New EQuiP and WONCA Position Paper on "Measuring Quality in Primary Health Care", 2 EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Articles in Romanian and in French, New Member: Charalampos Vittorakis & EQuiP Website Stats. 
Read the 20th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2018). Keywords: 23rd WONCA Europe Conference Revisited, Interview with EQuiP President-Elect, Quality Guide for Estonian Family Medicine Practices, Structured Small Group Work in Primary Care on: Meeting Patients who are Lesbian, Bisexual or Gay & EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article in French.
Read the 19th EQuiP newsletter here (May 2018). Keywords: My Best Bratislava Moment (EQuiP 53rd Assembly Meeting), Preventing Overdiagnosis 20-22 August 2018 in Copenhagen and EQuiP Sessions at 23rd WONCA Europe Conference: 1 keynote and 9 workshops.
Read the 18th EQuiP newsletter here (March 2018). Keywords: 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting, EQuiP Working Groups: Historical overview and outputs, Practice Accreditation: The European Perspective (2011), "The introduction of inspections and public ratings in general practice in England: What impact will it have on quality of care?" & "Increase in Residency Scholarly Activity as a Result of Resident-led Initiative".

EQuiP Newsletters 2017

Read the 17th EQuiP newsletter here (December 2017). Keywords: Happy Holidays, Report from EQuiP Working Group on STRUCTURED SMALL GROUP WORK IN PRIAMRY HELATH CARE, EQuiP Position Paper on Equity - a core dimension of Quality in Primary Care, Reflection on an EQuiP meeting (Jo Buchanan) and New Members: Vildan Mevsím (Turkey) and Stephanie Dowling (Ireland).
Read the 16th EQuiP newsletter here (August 2017). Keywords: Invitation to 52nd and 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting, 5th French EQuiP Summer School Report, 5th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum: Call for Quality and Safety Abstracts, Quality Improvement in General Practice (4 Webinars and link to Slides), Quality Improvement in Healthcare Illustrated in Nine Minutes & Quality Improvement in Serbia (by Dr Darinka Punosevac).
Read the 15th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2017). Keywords: Invitation to 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting, EQuiP Dublin Conference and ePDF, 22nd Wonca Europe Conference: EQuiP Sessions, New Members: Philip-Richard J. Domeyer & John Brennan, 3rd International Meeting on Well-being and Performance in Clinical Practice & 5th French EQuiP Summer School.
Read the 14th EQuiP newsletter here (May 2017). Keywords: EQuiP Dublin Conference and ePDF, 20th Nordic Congress of General Practice, 22nd Wonca Europe Conference, New Members: Aneez Esmail & Paul Bowie, EQuiP eHealth Working Group & World Family Doctor Day.

EQuiP Newsletters 2016

Read the 13th EQuiP newsletter here (November 2016). Keywords: 25th Anniversary of EQuiP, Interview with Jan van Lieshout, Ivo Smeele and Stijn van den Broek, EQuiP’s 25th Year Anniversary Publications, Interview with Loredana Piloff & EQuiP Working Group on Social Media and Report from #3 VdGM Forum in Jerusalem. 
Read the 12th EQuiP newsletter here (August 2016). Keywords: New International Preventing Overdiagnosis 2016 Conference Partner: EQuiP, Next EQuiP Conferences, EQuiP Interactive Communication Materials, Interview with Elisabeth Stura, Interview with 3 EQuiP delegates, EQuiP Working Group on Social Media, Interview with Ana Nunes Barata & National Updates from Switzerland 2013-2016.
Read the 11th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2016). Keywords: Next EQuiP Conferences, EQuiP Interactive Communication Materials, WHO and Patient Safety, 4th French EQuiP Summer School, Interview with WONCA President Michael Kidd, WONCA Europe Conference 15-18 June 2016, Interview with Christina Svanholm, EQuiP Working Group on eHealth & New EQuiP Working Group.
Read the 10th EQuiP newsletter here (May 2016). Keywords: A short history, Interview with Reinhold Glehr, Psychosocial indicators, Interview with Bohumil Seifert and Jan Kovar, New member: SFAMQ, The Safe Track of Quality (EQuiP sessions at WONCA Copenahgen 2016). 
Read the 9th EQuiP newsletter here (January 2016). Keywords: Overview of abstracts for WONCA 2016, three confirmed kyenotes for EQuiP Patient Safety conference in April, new impulses for GP centered health care in Germany, new member: Audit Project Odense.

EQuiP Newsletters 2015

Read the 8th EQuiP newsletter here (December 2015). Keywords: Abstracts, EQuiP mentioned in WONCA News & my first EQuiP Meeting.
Read the 7th EQuiP newsletter here (November 2015). Keywords: Abstracts, letter sent on behalf of WONCA to Collège de la Médecine Générale, the World Book of Family Medicine, the Interactive eGuidebook to Social Media in Family Medicine, my first EQuiP Meeting, WONCA Europe Istanbul Conference presentations and slides & upcoming events. 
Read the 6th EQuiP newsletter here (October 2015). Keywords: New EQuiP delegate from Slovenia, Back to Basics Training Package, QI Webinars, PECC-WE testimonial, 20th WONCA Europe Conference, EQuiP workshops and presentations & EQuiP Summer School report. 
Read the 5th EQuiP newsletter here (September 2015). Keywords: Upcoming EQuiP Meetings & Conferences, 20th WONCA Europe Conference, workshops and presentations, Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe, testimonial & Nordic Congress of General Practice. 
Read the 4th EQuiP newsletter here (June 2015). Keyworrds: The death of Janko Kersnik, Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe, testimonial, Knowledge Translation (KT), small group learning, new EQuiP president, Power Points, Conference Online Gallery & new EQuiP delegate from Greece.

EQuiP Newsletters 2013-2014

Read the 3d EQuiP newsletter here (November 2014). Keyworrds: Digital prescribing, new president of EQuiP, Quality circles conference, patient empowerment e-learning, interprofessional management of patients, WONCA 2015, EQuiP Summer Schools 2014 & Antibiotics.
Read the 2nd EQuiP newsletter here (May 2014). Keywords: The changing agenda of EQuiP, Equity, WONCA 2014 conference, members, patient empowerment, Quality circles, EQuiP Summer Schools 2013-14, Quality work in Croatia & inGPinQI courses and tools.
Read the very 1st EQuiP newsletter here (September 2013). Keywords: The opening of EQuiP, memberships and members, inGPinQI project, Quality work in Estonia & Quality in Family Medicine Book of Tools.

Communication Campaign: EQuiP 25 Year Anniversary Articles

As you may know, 2016 was quite the very special year for Quality and Safety in General Practice/Family Medicine: EQuiP could celebrate its 25th Year Anniversary.
For this reason, the Quality and Safety Network launched a campaign where national articles were published all across Europe, telling the tale of EQuiP's endeavours.

Interactive Communication and Learning Resources: EQuiP ePDF

EQuiP has a solid tradition for producing and publishing ePDFs - please download and access them by using Adobe Reader or similar software: