EQuiP Working Group on Digital Health

By Ulrik Bak Kirk (Denmark) and Ilkka Kunnamo (Finland)
EQuiP Working Group Leaders on Digital Health

The term Digital Health is rooted in eHealth, which is defined as 'the use of information and communications technology in support of health and health-related fields'. Mobile health (mHealth) is a subset of eHealth and is defined as 'the use of mobile wireless technologies for health'. More recently, the term Digital Health was introduced as 'a broad umbrella term encompassing eHealth - which includes mHealth - as well as emerging areas, such as the use of advanced computing sciences in big data, genomics and artificial intelligence'.
While recognizing the innovative role that digital technologies can play in strengthening the health system, there is an equally important need to evaluate their contributing effects and ensure that such investments do not inappropriately divert resources from alternative, non-digital approaches.

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