In EQuiPs understanding Tools & Methods include instruments that measure quality, methods to monitor quality and methods to improve quality. EQuiP would like to give users in general practice access to:

  • Indicator sets for organisational quality
  • Clinical indicator sets
  • Tools to assess patient involvement
  • Patient satisfaction tools
  • Methods for organisational development 
  • Partnership with patients
  • Tools to assess quality of chronic care
  • Quality of the Medical Record
  • Quality assessments of laboratory equipment
  • Patient safety

EQuiP has been involved in developing and disseminating a number of tools for quality improvement in general practice, such as EUROPEP, European Practice Assessment (EPA) and The International Family Practice Maturity Matrix (IFPMM).

Those instruments were developed in collaboration with European research groups, especially the TOPAS collaboration, and development of new tools for QI in such collaborations continues to be a priority for EQuiP.

However, EQuiP aim at make validated and valuable tools for quality improvement easily accessible to GPs and others involved in quality improvement, regardless of whether EQuiP has been directly involved in their development or not.

EQuiP aims at making tools and methods to improve quality easily accessible through the website.