EQuiP Working Group on Meso Level Quality

By Hector Falcoff (France)
EQuiP Working Group Leader on Meso Level Quality

The EQuiP Working Group has been carrying out a meso level study. Results from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France so far. Data from the UK and Italy are expected, and then it is the intention to make a data synthesis of all the participating countries.

Prof. Hector Falcoff (France) gave a presentation on ‘managing population health needs in primary care: an experience in the 13th borough of Paris’:

“The meso level perspective is essential for 1) shared responsibility for the health of the population in the area, 2) organizational agreements among health care providers, with hospitals and with the social sector to build coordinated care pathways, and 3) pooling both the human and the material resources among the health care teams”.

The Working Group also ran a workshop in Zagreb (2019):

  • Part 1: Reminders about the meso level study
  • Part 2: Status report of the study
  • Part 3: Discussion of the next steps
  • Part 4: Action plan

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