Working Groups

The EQuiP network has 8 active working groups of experts within the following fields:

  1. Digital Health (in collaboration with organisational EQuiP member Duodecim)
    Leaders: Ulrik Bak Kirk (Denmark) & Ilkka Kunnamo (Finland).
  2. Equity
    Leader: Hector Falcoff (France).
  3. Measuring Quality & Indicators
    Leader: Eva Arvidsson (Sweden).
  4. Meso Level Quality
    Leader: Hector Falcoff (France).
  5. Patient Safety, including Professional Health
    Leaders: Isabelle Dupie (France) and Andrée Rochfort (Ireland).
  6. Person-Centered Primary Care
    Leader: Goranka Petriček (Croatia).
  7. Structured Small Group Work in Primary Care
    Leader: Adrian Rohrbasser (Switzerland).
  8. Sustainable Healthcare 
    Leaders: Andrée Rochfort (Ireland) and Ulrik Bak Kirk (Denmark).
  9. Teaching Quality
    Leader: Zlata Ožvačić (Croatia).