EQuiP is open to both Individual and Organizational Memberships

EQuiP offers a platform of the knowledge base and for the discussion between GPs, researchers and organisations involved in quality and safety of family medicine.

EQuiP is currently engaged in a number of projects in the field of quality and safety in Europe. Members of EQuiP enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Members get significant reduction on the EQuiP conference fees and pre-conference workshop fees.
  • Members can be elected National Representative in the EQuiP Council, which is the decisive organ in EQuiP.
  • Members have influence on EQuiP policy through their National Representatives in the EQuiP Council.
  • Members can join various EQuiP Working Groups, thus collaborating in organisation of conferences, development of QI initiatives, workshops at WONCA conferences etc.
  • You will be receiving updates and news about events, tools, methods, relevant resources and project proposals.

EQuiP currently has 54 members (43 individual and 11 organisational members) from 23 European countries.

I joined EQuiP because I am passionate about General Practice and Patient Safety and want to work at the European level to influence policy makers about the value of general practice and its role in improving the health of the population.