Nearly 6000 people around the world were hospitalised in the first three months of 2020 due to coronavirus misinformation. Now, as the Covid-19 vaccines are approved and rolled out, misinformation has started to undermine the public’s trust in these life-saving interventions. 

People who are already valued experts and leaders in their own communities are the most effective messengers to counter harmful misinformation - people like WONCA members. 

The World Health Organization ⁠—in collaboration with the UK Government⁠— has been working with the to develop a social media toolkit for healthcare practitioners like you. The kit provides all the tools and tips you need to create online content that addresses COVID-19 misinformation and builds vaccine confidence. 

With messages tried and tested by the World Health Organization, the toolkit will help you address common concerns around: 

● the safety of the vaccines;
● the speed of vaccine development; and 
● the effectiveness of the vaccines.

We know that healthcare practitioners are extremely busy, now more than ever! The toolkit has been designed so you can tailor content creation to the demands of your schedule. You can explore guidance on creating your own posts, sharing the creative assets provided, or amplifying trusted health organisations’ social media content - all options are positive steps to address COVID-19 misinformation online. 

There are many scientists and healthcare professionals already creating and sharing simple, accurate and engaging posts with their online communities. By adding your voice to theirs, you can help people to make the right healthcare choices, ensuring that facts and science rise above the noise of myths and misinformation at this crucial moment in the vaccines’ rollout. 

Vaccines are the way out of this health crisis. You can help ensure facts triumph and confidence in vaccines remains high globally, so they can do their job of protecting the public and saving lives.

Get your toolkit here!

Published on 15 September 2021.