On 16 October 2017, WHO/Europe will host the third in a series of webinars dedicated to addressing the timely and relevant topic of refugee and migrant health and well-being.The upcoming webinar will build on previous webinars and explore specific issues affecting the mental health of refugees and migrants.
As the number of refugees and migrants increases, unanswered questions and misconceptions remain about their mental health, as well as concerns about appropriate strategies to address these. The webinar, aimed at health-care professionals and service providers, researchers and policy-makers, will explore the principles of good practice on mental health of refugees and migrants, promoting social integration and overcoming barriers to accessing and utilizing care. It will share innovative solutions, resources and ideas to promote mental health and improve the lives of refugees and migrants with mental, neurological and substance use disorders. It will discuss some of the prerequisites for successful interventions including funding, organizational alignment and staff training.
The webinar will consist of a live discussion with leading experts and will be live broadcast through online streaming. The webinar is open to anyone interested internationally. Online audiences will be welcome to submit questions for a live question-and-answer session with the expert panel.
About the webinar
Date: Monday, 16 October 2017
Times: Live audience: 12:15-14:00 CEST; online streaming: 12:30 – 14:00 CEST
Location: Auditorium 1, UN City, Copenhagen
Live stream link: http://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/events/events/2017/10/migration-...
  • Stefan Priebe, Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry Queen Mary University of London
  • Guglielmo Schinina, Head of Global Mental Health, Psychosocial Response and Intercultural Communication, International Organization for Migration
The WHO Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration, launched in November 2016, responds to the need for a single institute devoted to international migration and public health in the WHO European Region. It aims to provide a scientific and capacity-building forum to develop and improve public policies and interventions to address the health needs of migrants and the public health implications of migration in the Region.
The 5 topics within the Knowledge Hub include the webinar series, annual summer school, policy dialogues on polarizing issues, knowledge library and high-level summits.
The webinar series is a collaborative effort under the Migration and Health Knowledge Management (MiHKMa) project, funded by the European Commission.

Published on 11 October 2017.