Dear EQuiP friends

We would recommend you to participate in the following EQuiP sessions during the upcoming Wonca Europe Conference in Prague. Please search for a single sessions by using the search function on the detailed programme website:

Workshop: “A Model of Collaboration between Pharmacist and General Practitioner in Slovenia"

Workshop: “Deprescribing as a patient safety tool in primary care - a joint WWPQSFM & EQUIP & GdT semFYC Seguridad del Paciente workshop”

Workshop: “How do different countries handle quality indicator data and what can we learn from each other?

Workshop: “Low back pain. A multidisciplinary approach”

Workshop: “Mental health and safety - a joint EUROPREV, EQuiP and Wonca SIGFV (Family Violence) Workshop”

Workshop: “Safety inequalities related to socio-economic status: How primary care may reduce them?”

Workshop: “Teaching quality and safety to family medicine trainees – best practice examples”

Workshop: “The aftermath of adverse effects in primary care: interventions to reduce its impact on health care teams - a joint WWPQSFM & EQUIP & GdT semFYC Seguridad del Paciente workshop”

Workshop: “Work stress and job burnout can compromise patient safety and quality of care: How do Wonca Europe member organisations support general practitioners?”

Oral Presentation: “Effectiveness of a medication adherence tool with personalized support”

Oral Presentation: “How can we organize social accountable primary care?”

Oral Presentation: “Personalized self-management support based on an assessment of barriers for self-management and the social support network”

With best wishes,
Ulrik Bak Kirk
EQuiP Manager

Published on 24 June 2017.