The 18 French participants really appreciated the presence of the 4 European general practitioners, representing EQuiP.
During this year's French EQuiP Summer School, 4 GPs from Sweden, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland visited the group:
  • Piet Vanden Bussche, EQuiP President from Belgium
  • Maria Pilar Astier Peña, EQuiP delegate from Spain
  • Eva Arvidsson, EQuiP delegate from Sweden
  • Nicolas Senn, EQuiP member from Switzerland

Presidential Pensiveness

I got a kind invitation from the organisers of the 6th French EQuiP-SFTG Summer School to give them a visit. I was happy to accept and showed up in the very nice small town of Saint Paul Trois Chateaux in Southern France.
It was fantastic for me to experience on my own how the soul and spirit of EQuiP was passed on to every participant.
We had a very interesting combination of keynote presentations and structured small group work.
Also, the group of participants was a nice mix of experience and novice, GPs and other primary care workers, urban and rural area practices.
The most interesting part for me to participate in was the final presentations of the participants' projects.
They have worked on and came up with very nice projects on quality improvement in primary health care.
Again, I want to give huge thanks and gratitude to both Isabelle and Hector, our dedicated French EQuiP delegates.
Not only for their invitation, but for being the driving forces in realising the fantastic French Summer School year after year.
Piet Vanden Bussche 
EQuiP President

Published on 24 July 2018.