1.- Why have you chosen this theme Leading towards Health for All Creating Synergies between Public Health and Primary Care?

During the Covid pandemic, we witnessed the crucial collaboration between Primary Care (PC) and Public Health (PH) in addressing the extreme challenges. The synergy proved to be a powerful tool for continuing patient care, minimising risks for caregivers, and efficiently organising testing and vaccination efforts. From a quality of care perspective, we believe these synergies remain essential for achieving equitable and safe care for both patients and caregivers.


2.- Regarding the key note lectures and speakers, what would you point out?

It is a tradition to have two key notes in one session mirroring about an important theme of the conference. 

Session 1:   Population Health Management for the future of Primary Care and  How can GPs contribute to population health: inspirational practices

In this session we want to learn what is the vision of WHO and confront it with the reality in the field. What is population management, because definition is not always clear and is it the way to go for GPs and GP practices? How can population management support the quality of the work of GPs and is it creating opportunities for synergy between PC en PH? 

Session 2: Translating Planetary Health Principles Into Sustainable Primary Care Services and Ecopsychology: One Planet, One Health

There is no doubt that organising your care in a sustainable way is one of the new dimensions of quality. EQuiP already embraced the idea and set up a working group and workshops about this theme.  In this session we want to look to this new and important challenge both in GP and PH. What is the relation between planetary health and the health of our patients and ourselves as caregivers? How can PH support GP practices in organising sustainable care and can we use nature as a tool for our care to patients?  

That is why we really focus on organising the conference itself also in a sustainable way and invite participants to share these values. Please consult the page on sustainability on the website. 

Session 3:   Leadership towards Health for All and "How to change the stream of the river", 

GPs often are the leaders within their community, what does that mean?  How do we handle this position? And again, is there a role as leaders towards PH and how can we do that?  We hope that both speakers with their vision and experience as leaders can inspire us to reflect on this theme. And help GPs to take the lead in Quality in General Practice. 


3.- What about abstracts?

We are really looking forward to all abstracts witnessing about Quality Care projects from countries all over Europe and research on the item of Quality of Care. Especially if they link to the themes of the conference on One Health, Equity, Leadership, Population management and Cooperation. Please spread the word to people who might be interested. It might be a small project in one practice, a regional initiative or the result of a big scientific research program, all inspirational ideas are welcome and we hope the conference will be a place to meet to get inspired by each other and to be able to network between all participants. 


4.- Regarding the social program, what does the conference offer?

We think networking and creating moments to meet is very important. So we took care of the social program as well. We have a welcome reception at the City Hall on Thursday evening with the opportunity of having a guided tour in the city afterwards. On Friday evening we organise an informal dinner at the University museum and botanical garden. The city of Ghent wants to host you as a guest, not as a tourist and hopes you use the opportunity to visit the historical city and enjoy the way of life. 


5. Why should GPs attend the conference?

To reflect on what you are doing/researching in your practice, in your local GP organisation, in your college, at your university. Get inspired by the other participants, the key notes and during workshops and parallel sessions and go back home with new ideas, energy and old and new friends to cooperate with. 


6.- What does the Conference offer to young GPs? 

We hope a lot of young GPs will come to meet each other and more experienced colleagues to build their future in Quality and Safety in General practice 


Link to the conference web page: 


Published on 18 January 2024.