Margalit Goldfracht was taken from us while at the height of her career. It is difficult to express in a few lines her influence on medicine in Israel and her contributions to EQuiP to which she was the Israeli representative for many years.

Margalit was born in 1956 and came to Israel from Bratislava when she was 12. She completed her medical studies at the Technion Medical School with excellence in 1986 and in 1991 she completed her training in family medicine at the Family Medicine Department in Haifa. She worked as a family doctor and the manageress of a clinic in Haifa for 12 years. 

In 1995 her work in improving quality in family medicine began when she was appointed to the position of managing the quality department in the Clalit health fund (the largest health fund in Israel). She also served on many committees in Israel and was an active representative to EQuiP for many years. She participated in research both in Israel and Europe and wrote 35 articles which were all published in peer reviewed journals.

Her main area of interest was in improving the quality of treatment in diabetes and she established many training courses for family doctors in Israel with extremely good results. Her other area of interest was in the quality of treatment in psychiatry.

From the time that she was diagnosed a year ago, she never stopped working, but unfortunately, she never responded to treatment and died a short time after. 

Margalit leaves behind her husband and two daughters and was fortunate to see one of her daughters get married only a month before her death.
Margalit will be sorely missed here in Israel and I am sure by her many friends in EQuiP 

Gordon Littman
EQuiP's Israeli delegate

Published on 28 February 2017.