Press Release

(05 November 2021)

ICGP’s national representative becomes President of prestigious European GP Quality Improvement organisation EQuiP, a member of WONCA Europe.

The Irish College of General Practitioners is delighted to announce that its WONCA EQuiP representative, Dr Andrée Rochfort, has been chosen as President of EQuiP, at its virtual meeting today (5th November 2021).

Dr Andrée Rochfort said: “Quality and safety is at the heart of patient care in General Practice, and EQuiP plays a vital role in enabling collaboration, exchange of expertise and projects to promote patient safety in healthcare at primary care level”. 

She added: “I am honoured to become President at a time when family practice has shown its high quality service to patients during this global pandemic. “

Dr Rochfort will consult with EQuiP members to develop a plan for the coming years which will include:

  1. Patient Safety, in line with WHO Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030. 
  2. Family Physician Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Work, Work-Life Balance, Self-care. 
  3. Sustainable Healthcare, Environmental and Planetary Health 4. eHealth and Telemedicine.

Dr Andrée Rochfort has been a GP for 30 years, combined with 20 years of academic work as staff member of the Irish College of General Practitioners. From the beginning, Dr Rochfort took a leadership role in developing the ICGP Doctors’ Health Programme, which generated a passion for a deeper involvement in quality improvement.

She joined EQuiP in 2007, as the ICGP’s national representative.

“Safety for health professionals is as important as patient safety in healthcare. This pandemic has taught the world that profound lesson, and EQuiP has a role in responding.”


Issued by Aileen O’Meara, Communications Consultant, Irish College of General Practitioners.

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Published on 5 November 2021.