Table of Contents
  • New VdGM Liaison to EQuiP: Felicity Knights
  • Reflections on the 6th French EQuiP Summer School 2018: 18 participants and visits from European EQuiP delegates
  • The 6th French EQuiP Summer School 2018 on Twitter: Health Care Quality and Patient Safety Across European Countries
  • New EQuiP and WONCA Position Paper 2018: Measuring Quality in Primary Health Care
  • EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article in Romanian Cercurile calităţii în medicina familiei: Quality circles in family medicine
  • EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article in French: “La gestion de l’incertitude dans le quotidien de la médecine de famille”
  • New Individual Member of EQuiP: Charalampos Vittorakis
  • EQuiP Website Stats: Increasing average page views per visit
21sth EQuiP Newsletter
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Published on 20 September 2018.