WONCA Europe Council meeting
Zalika Klemenc Ketis and José Miguel Bueno Ortis are members of the WE Executive Board.
Several EQUIP members represent their national WE Member Organisation as the national Representative to the Council of WONCA Europe. Other members of EQUIP will be in the Observers group.


08.30-09.45 Symposium (SY-01) Sustainable Healthcare
Gold Hall

Organisational efforts undertaken in general practice to enhance safe and equitable care during COVID-19 in 38 countries (PRICOV-19)
Speakers Sara Willems, Esther van Poel, Zlata Ozvacic Adzic, Adam Windak, Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, Elizaveta Fomenko

08.30-09.45 Lectures (L-02): COVID
Silver Hall

09.15 Involving Patients in Long COVID Research
Raquel Gomez Bravo

09.30 Eurodata Study: where are European Open Primary Health Care (PHC) data in COVID-19 Pandemic?
Maria-Pilar Astier-Pena

11.15-12.30 WE Open Meeting
Gold Hall

High Touch versus high tech: the crucial role of face-to-face general practice in the digital age
Representatives from WE Networks presentations

11.15-12.30 Lectures (L-07): Digital applications
Studio 214
Whats the impact of the usage of digital applications on quality and safety of GP care?

Stijn van den Broek, Ulrik Bak Kirk, Andrée Rochfort

14.00 Keynote Lecture KL-02
Gold Hall

Lecture: Professional well being -  minimizing the adverse effect of clinician burnout on quality and safety of care
Zlata Ožvačić Adžić

Zlata Ožvačić Adžić is a family medicine specialist and associate professor at the Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. She is also a practicing family physician working at Health Center Zagreb - Centar, so she has insight into the translation of knowledge to practice. She is a member and past executive board member of the European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Medicine (EQuiP), a WONCA Europe's network for quality improvement and patient safety.
Her main research interests are in the area of quality and safety in primary care, especially in the field of teaching quality and the relation between professional health and quality and safety of care. Recently she also joined Örenäs Research Group (ÖRG), a European collaborative group of primary care researchers focused at research on early diagnosis of cancer in primary care.

16.45-18.00 EQUIP Workshop
Studio 201A+B

How can we improve family doctors’ competencies to deliver good quality care to doctors as patients?
Speakers: Andree Rochfort, Maria-Pilar Astier-Pena, José Miguel Bueno Ortis

16.45-18.00 WONCA SIG on Non-Communicable diseases Workshop
Studio 216

Therapeutic Inertia and Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes
Speaker Ana Cebrian


08.30-09.45 WONCA World WP on Quality & Patient Safety (WWPQS) WS-50
Gold Hall

Implementing Deprescription as a Patient Safety Tool in Primary Care
Speakers: José Miguel Bueno Ortis, Maria-Pilar Astier-Pena, Andrée Rochfort, José M Valderas, Joel Lehman, Albina Zharkova, Sara Ares Blanco, Ana Cebrian

08.30-09.45 EQUIP Workshop NETWORK WS-23
Studio 204

Improving Planetary Health through quality innovations in primary care
Speakers: Andrée Rochfort, Nick mamo, Angela Fernanda Santos Neves, Oisín Brady bates, Ulrik Bak Kirk
Category: CME

15.00-16.15 1Slide 5 minutes 1S5M-14: Physician mental health
Silver Hall

Speaker 8. 15.35 Maria-Pilar Astier-Pena
Second victim knowledge and experiences among primary healthcare and hospital professionals in a health region in Catalonia, Spain

16.45-18.00 workshop: EQUIP WS-42 General Practice best interventions
Studio 216

Regenerating Joy in General Practice
Speakers: Andree Rochfort, Zlata Ozvacic Adzic, Eva Arvidsson Jose Miguel Bueno Ortis, Maria-Pilar Astier-Pena


08.30-09.45 Lectures L-27 Sustainability
Studio 211+212
Lessons Learned: How did the Pandemic initiate innovations in family medicine to ensure high-quality care?
Speakers: Esther van Poel, Sara Willems, Ulrik Bak Kirk, Emmily Shaubroeck.

08.30-09.45 Lectures (L-28): Procedures and Interventions
Studio 213
Set up and analysis of a transmural safety incident program on a regional level in Belgium
Speakers Viki Wouters Piet Vanden Bussche

08.30-9.45 1 Slide 5 Minutes (1S5M-19); Teaching and Education
Studio 214
Presenter 2 08.35 Learning Emergency Care with Gamification.
Zalika Klemenc Ketis

09.10 CarPriMur Games 2022 Challenges.
Jose Miguel Bueno Ortis

Published on 7 June 2023.