Dear friends,

The 25th Anniversary of EQuiP is of course a nice opportunity to look back and reflect on the role EQuiP had in the development of Quality Improvement in General Practice in Europe.

We are delighted and proud to participate in a movement which took place in so many European countries - and having the story and the testimonies of so many different people and countries is very interesting and meaningful. It shows how things should always be universal in thinking and development on the one hand - and specific and locally adapted for implementation on the other hand. “Think globally, but act locally” is clearly the strategy to follow and the way we did it all those years within the EQuiP family. The founding fathers and mothers would be very proud.

But we should also think about the future and how EQuiP as a group will tackle both old and new challenges. The reflection about the near future is one of the major tasks for the meeting in Zagreb, where the different working groups will continue their work. Focussing on concrete outcome, objectives and developing knowledge and visions about their subject: Equity, doctors’ health, quality circles, teaching quality, eHealth, patient empowerment, and others topics of interest.

Please access and read the 13th EQuiP Newsletter 2016 here. 

The most important moment for EQuiP in the next year will without doubt be the conference in Dublin 3-4 march 2017: A Safe Practice for Patient and Doctor. This newsletter proves the first announcement.

Please consider if anybody in your country would be interested, could add knowledge and experiences, disseminate the invitation to your Colleges, Universities, Colleagues. Urge people to send in an abstract to testify their work in this field.

It will be the start of the next 25 years of Quality work and thinking, spreading the Quality Virus all over Europe and hoping that a lot of GPs will get infected.

Piet Vanden Bussche
EQuiP President

Published on 23 November 2016.