FRIDAY 19 MARCH 2021 (due to change)

16:00 Welcome
Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, EQuiP

16:10 Keynote
Martijn Rutten: Urgent primary care in Europe: Take a look abroad

17:00-17:10 Break

17:10-18:25 Workshops
a. EQuiP Patient Safety Group: Could your emergency kit be a recipe for disaster?
b. EQuiP Teaching Quality Group: European Teaching Agenda: Quality care and patient safety
c. Simulation Centre: Using augmented reality in simulations of vitally endangered patients

18:30-18:00 Discussion

SATURDAY 20 MARCH 2021 (due to change)

09:00 Welcome
Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, EQuiP

09:10 Keynote
St├ęphanie De Maesschalck: Providing equitable care for vulnerable groups: How to apply state of the art research to urgent primary care situations?

10:00-10:10 Break

10:10-11:25 Workshops
a. Paul Giesen and Piet Vanden Bussche (EQuiP): Quality urgent care in Europe: What can GPs contribute?
b. Carmen Erkelens and Marleen Smits: The science behind triage and decision support in primary care
c. Erika Zelko (EQuiP) and Toosje Valkenburg: Between life and death: How to deal with urgency in palliative care?

11:30-12:00 Concluding remarks

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