Wellness Moments: A hospital based wellbeing initiative

Patrick Carr

Keywords: Wellbeing, healthcare worker, mental health, wellness moment


Multiple sources of wellness advice exist that can be beneficial to healthcare workers who work in often stressful, high-pressured environments. However, it can be difficult to navigate the myriad of information available online. The Wellness Moment is a 2 slide infobyte (<1 minute to read) released on a fortnightly basis on a different wellbeing topic, (e.g sleep hygiene, mindfulness, etc) to staff in St James’s Hospital Dublin.

The aim of the project was two-fold:
1. To deliver wellbeing techniques and tips to individuals
2 To promote a culture of discussing wellbeing issues in the workplace for peer support through encouragement of teams to discuss the week’s wellbeing moment.


Wellness Moments were created by Dr Patrick Carr with content reviewed by the SJH Wellness App Content Subcommittee and were released via a number of platforms: the hospital-wide PULSE e-newsletter, the hospital wellness app, and on the front page of the hospital intranet site


Within the online PULSE newsletter, data was analysed from November to July, over which time 15 Wellness Moments were released. The Wellness Moment consistently ranked well within the newsletter, being within the top 10 items 67% of the time [mean 9, mode 6], and the number 1 ranked item in one newsletter. Mean number of readers of the Wellness Moment each newsletter: 446 [range 358 – 582], and mean unique clicks each newsletter: 50 [range 16-104]. Mean percentage overall engagement of the Wellness Moment from overall readership was 12%, and mean percentage of returning readers was 23%.


The Wellness Moment project had good engagement from staff showing an appetite for wellness topics delivered in regular concise sizes. The project has feasibility to be scaled up and be delivered across multiple sites/nationally. It both educates individuals on wellness issues while also promoting a culture of discussing wellbeing.

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