Health and Self Care for the Medical Workforce

Andrew Tresidder

Keywords: Health, Self-Care, Denial, Displacement, Own Oxygen Mask First, Stress response


Ask a hundred people how they are - and they say FINE - Fearful, Insecure, neurotic and emotionally imbalanced - Denial. Ask a hundred doctors, and the are too busy with their responsibilities to consider = Displacement. Yet we know that we should put on our own oxygen mask first, and we should look for inner calm top avoid the stress response exhausting us


An educational initiative, freely available from as book pdf and audio download, with some video content


the resource has been put together after presenting upon the topic of health and self care to over a thousand doctors. The resource is used as an educational tool for postgraduate support in education, and for the author's appraisees and clients, as well as widely in the South West Ambulance Service Trust in England


feedback has been complimentary, including: 'An amazing piece of work', 'A magnificent resource' and 'You book was so helpful and I just wish I had had access to it earlier in my life' and 'This book gave me a framework for exploring the issues around why my needs for self-care are often put to the end of the list, and why and how I should properly care for myself with time to rest, time to reflect, and time to invest in relationships'.
the resource is offered to support the developing curriculum of Health and Self Care for Health Professionals, especially Doctors, who (metaphorically) learn all about car crashes, and NOT about the sensible driving, vehicle maintenance, good navigation and road design that goes to prevent the personal car crash

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