Mental Health and Planetary Health Pilot Study for COVID-19 Experiences

Genco Görgü, Özden Gökdemir

Keywords: COVID-19, Mental Health, Planetary Health


While the mental health burden of the COVID-19 pandemic is turning into a public health problem, the global dimension of the problem makes it necessary to address the issue in the context of planetary health for a solution. The goal of this study was to examine the contents and challenges of managing mental health issues at the planetary health level during COVID-19.


The reviews that were published via PubMed were selected by using keywords as “mental health, planetary health and COVID-19” The same keyworgs used for searching among thesis of YOKSIS.


In the search made in June 2021, from 2018 till 27.02.2022; 19 related articles have been found. The most proportion of published reviews were about patients’ mental health via telehealth; only three of the reviews were about healthcare workers. Two of the researches were excluded because they were not review. The same keywords are used for searching among thesis of YOKSIS, only one research was found about fuzzy cognition maps and decision making.


Research on managing mental health problems and planetary health during pandemics in the family medicine discipline is is far from providing sufficient literature diversity. Advances in data analytics and information technologies are opening up new medical clinical problem solving methods. In order to measure the effects of the COVID-19 pandemics and to establish a global well-being and higher planetary mood in the future, researches at the level of the individual, society and planet are required.

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