The EGPRN Research Strategy for General Practice in Europe – how our experience during the pandemic supports the need for its recommendations.

Claire Collins, European General Practice Research Network (Egprn)

Keywords: family practice, general practice, COVID-19, research strategy


A strong research basis in general practice/family medicine (GP/FM) is important in terms of improving patient outcomes effectively. In 2021, the EGPRN published its research strategy. Based on a review of research in GP/FM 2010-2019 and on a proposed modified research wheel, recommendations are suggested to advance research in GP/FM. Within the strategy, a framework is presented to be adapted by those involved in research in GP/FM in individual countries.



Apparent or presumed deficiencies in terms of capacity, collaboration and complexity are possibly why the GP/FM research impact during COVID-19 does not match its position on the ground in fighting the pandemic. The findings on which the recommendations of the EGPRN Research Strategy are based align with the COVID-19 experience of GP/FM research.


The EGPRN Research Strategy identifies how we might work to position ourselves better in the future and gain the recognition deserved, in terms of publications, research funding and prominence. The intended purpose of the EGPRN research strategy is to contribute to the strategic development and growth of research and innovation across the European GP/FM research community. Our experience during the pandemic supports the need for its recommendations.

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